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SP1 - Coordination of the consortium

The overall goal of this subproject focuses on the management and coordination of the consortium. The consortium coordinator is the intermediary between the BMBF/DLR and the consortium. In this context, he will submit all required progress reports and deliverables to the DLR and monitor the finances. In parallel, he will act as the supervisor regarding the overall progress of SPs 2-6 as well. The consortium office is established by and based at the coordinator in the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim. With the help of a professional project manager, the consortium office implements the organization and coordination of all scientific activities. The consortium office will also provide the channel to the public domain and interact with the media in multiple ways. In summary, the tasks of the consortium office are: (I) to create a consortium contract, (II) to build a website, (III) to organize consortium meetings, (IV) to monitor finances and scientific progress, (V) to disseminate and report results to stakeholders and the public domain, and finally (VI) to organize activities for the promotion of the scientific careers of young scientists.

Rainer Spanagel

Project Coordinator Rainer Spanagel, PhD   

Full professor, Scientific Director Institute of Psychopharmacology, Central Institute of mental health(ZI), Heidelberg University


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