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SP2 - Comparative and integrative computational analysis of distinct and shared genetic, epigenetic, and transcriptomic signatures in SUDsysis

In this SP we are using various databanks to do comparative GWAS meta-analysis and estimation of polygenic risk scores in SUDs and also doing comparative genetic signalling pathway analysis in SUDs.

The scientist are hereby using post-mortem brain tissue from different SUDs to study comparative genome-wide epigenetic and transcriptional alterations and hypothesis-driven analysis in signalling pathways - also on a single cell level.

MArcella Rietschel, phd

Full professor, Wissenschaftliche Direktorin Genetische Epidemiologie in der Psychiatrie, Central institute of mental Health (ZI), Heidelberg University


Stephanie Witt, PhD


PD Dr., Leiterin des molekulargenetischen Labors und der Biobank, Central institute of mental Health (ZI), Heidelberg University


Anita HansSon, PhD


Head of research group, Institute of psychopharmacology, Institute of mental health (ZI), Heidelberg University


markus nöthen, PhD


Full Professor, Director, Biomedizinisches Zentrum
Universitätsklinikum Bonn (AöR)


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