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SP6 - Validating the functional relevance of putative genetic and molecular resilience and patho-mechanisms

One drawback of many big data studies is the lack of functional relevance of the obtained findings. In this consortium we have and will further produce omics-derived datasets from patients suffering from alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, opioid, or cocaine use disorders. These data will reveal either new candidate genes that play a distinct role in one or more SUDs or candidate genes/mechanisms that have a more general role in addictive behavior. Our aim is to study the functional relevance of candidate gene variants and molecular mechanisms (derived from SP2&3) in a sex dependent way in SUDs.

Rainer Spanagel

Project Coordinator Rainer Spanagel, PhD   

Full professor, Scientific Director Institute of Psychopharmacology, Central Institute of mental health (ZI), Heidelberg University


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